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We are creating a path to a greener tomorrow. We will help you discover how our breakthrough technologies harness the immense power of nature, from the gust of the wind to the warmth of the sun, turning them into sustainable solutions for our planet.
Onshore Wind
Nature's energy force of wind power joins solar energy in leading the change for a clean energy-rich future. Unstoppable wind turbines with increased capacity mark our journey towards a carbon-free world.
Solar Photovoltaic
We are transforming solar energy by reducing costs and enhancing competitiveness. Witness the power of the sun in our projects such as Veer Energy Hybrid Park 1 and 2, boasting a colossal 500 MWp PV with 1500MWh Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS) capacity which will shape the green future of Sub-Saharan Africa.
Long Duration Energy Storage
We provide uninterrupted energy flow with our long duration BESS. This product can store excess renewable energy, ensuring a stable and reliable supply which is the key to a sustainable transition.
Green Hydrogen
Our green hydrogen is produced through renewable energy powered electrolysis of water. This process splits water into hydrogen and oxygen using renewable electricity like solar or wind power.
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